Getting Grapes In Your Schools

With the fruit and vegetable requirements ever increasing HMC Farms is making fresh fruit in schools one of its top priorities. Both Lunch Bunch and Grape Escape grapes are being shipped to schools year around. Grape Escape is washed, ready-to-eat, destemmed grapes that are available in 2.25 ounce bags, 3 ounce and 4 ounce bags. Grape Escape is washed only with water so the fresh grape flavor is never altered.
If your distributer ever says that the product is not available please feel free to call us direct at 559-897-6696 or 1-800-LUNCHBUNCH.

School Requirements

2.25 ounce Grape Escape bags
3 ounce Grape Escape bags
4 ounce Grape Escape bags
2-4 ounce Lunch Bunch clusters

Lunch Bunch and Grape Escape are available 365 days of the year and are a deliciously healthy snack kids will always enjoy.