HMC News – June 2020

3 plumcots on tree - new Plumsicle variety from HMC Farms

Our platform equipment is now being used for harvest in our high density stone fruit orchards! This is an exciting moment for us, since this concept has taken three years of hard work and dedication to come to fruition.

Nectarine harvest at HMC Farms using new ag technology: platform equipment

We recently installed an optical grader to the packline in our plum packing house at HMC Reedley. The optical sorter not only improves our efficiency by automatically removing fruit with defects before it reaches the pack tables, but it also provides detailed statistics about each lot of fruit that help us improve our practices out in the field.  Our plum team is pictured above (Raul, Paula, Nick and Greg).

Personnel from HMC Reedley's plum team standing by new plum grader equipment

Veraison is just beginning in our Flame table grapes, which is the point at which ripening begins. Red and black varieties begin to change color, and green varieties lose some opacity as natural sugars begin to accumulate in the berries. These particular grapes will be ready to harvest next month.

Veraison in HMC Farms table grapes, grape color is changing from green to red

We are excited to begin harvest of our proprietary Plumsicle™ later this week. This piece of fruit was selected purely for flavor reasons and we think it is unequivocally the best tasting plum or plumcot of the season (don’t tell the Holiday plum, Honey Punch, or Ebony Rose that we said that). They will be available this season in 1# clams and 2# bags, with the variety name itself proudly featured on the package.

Plumsicle™ proprietary plum or plumcot variety displayed in 2lb bag and 1lb clam packaging

8 thoughts on “HMC News – June 2020

  1. I live in South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale area. I buy much of my groceries and produce at Publix stores. thats where I started buying your peaches. Best I’ve ever eaten 😋. love them. I’m going to look for more fruit from your farms.
    thanks so much 👍 hope you and your staff stay safe and healthy.

  2. I absolutely agree with Ann. Your peaches are so delicious I’ve become addicted to them. I’ve purchased mine at a Publix in Wellington, Florida which is a little north of Ft. Lauderdale.
    Recently I was talking to a friend who lives in Wellington but is closer to another Publix and does her shopping there. As I was telling her how much I was enjoying your peaches, she told me she hadn’t had a good peach all summer. I wonder why they don’t have your peaches available?
    Thanks for growing delicious fruit.

    1. Thanks, Natalie! We are located in the heart of California’s Central Valley. Our main office is in Kingsburg, and our farms are all close by.

  3. This is my first summer in Virginia, and I couldn’t resist buying three of your beautiful peaches at Food Lion in Williamsburg. I am accustomed to really good peaches grown in New Jersey, and I have to tell you your peaches ate delicious! That is praise from Caesar. LOL. I definitely will be checking for more of your fruit in our stores.

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