Summer is almost here! Schools are finishing up and kids are getting ready for Summer Break! Here at HMC Farms in addition to harvesting the great tasting Peaches, Plums and Nectarines from our own orchards, we are working with our growers in Mexico and The Coachella Valley in California to pick only the sweetest grapes for our LUNCH BUNCH ® and GRAPE ESCAPE ® grapes.

We know that schools are big supporters of both Lunch Bunch and Grape Escape, but did you know that they are available year ‘round? Sweet tasting red seedless grapes, either on the stem in 2–4 ounce bunches (Lunch Bunch) or off the stem in 2 ounce or 3 ounce bags (Grape Escape).

We are also introducing a 4# tray of grapes off the stem–ONEders. Great for use in high volume settings.

Speaking of schools–Lunch Bunch offers an Apron to our “frequent school buyers”–simply send in the proof of purchase coupons of off 25 cases of LB and we’ll send you a great looking Lunch Bunch Apron.

Folks like them somuch they even send us pictures:

East Jay Middle School Cafeteria Staff–Portland, IN

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