GS1, GTIN, and GS-128 Explained


Personalized 14-digit bar code applied as a PLU stickers to the fruit.


The 14-digit bar code personalized to HMC assigned to the case.


PTI example of the GS1-128 Summer 2012-Barcode that includes the GTIN and Run Number on each box.(01)–Tells the scanner that the next numbers will be the GTIN (i.e. HMC Yellow Peach)(10)–Tells the scanner that the next numbers will be the Run Number. (We are using a unique sequential Lot/Batch # that corresponds to a pack date and grower block that is generated in our software program.)

Hybrid Pallet Label (Summer 2012)

This label summarizes all the GTIN’s and Run Numberson the pallet.

HMC Farms has been using a similar concept as the Hybrid Pallet Label since 2006. We were the first company to use Famous (our inventory software) to create a consolidated pallet tag that we use internally to combine partial pallet tags into one master pallet tag. This master pallet tag stores the number of boxes from each grower block and harvest date. Shipping scans only one pallet tag for internal movements and outbound shipments, yet this single pallet tag has all the data of the partial grower blocks that were used to create the full pallet.

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