No. Our varieties are developed through selective breeding, not by specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques.


The sticker on your fruit is called PLU (Product Look-Up). It is intended to the aid in the ease of pricing and checkout at grocery stores. To find out what the number on your sticker means, check the International Federation for Produce Standards website here:


We have a close relationship with local food banks, and donate thousands of pounds a year to the Farm to Family program, which reduces waste on our part while helping to feed healthy food to hungry families. We also send some of our imperfect fruit to dairy feed and mulch locations.


Our main office is in Kingsburg, in the heart of California's Central San Joaquin Valley. Our farms and packing houses are all close by.


We're so glad that you are interested in working with us! We maintain current job openings at If you don't see a job that interests you, please send a resume to and let us know what type of role you’re looking for.