About Us

The core of HMC Farms is a team of agricultural and marketing experts… people who have grown up in the produce business, who invested careers in learning everything there is to know about growing and delivering a better piece of fruit to people who enjoy fruit. Our management team, growing team, and marketing team work closely together with a single purpose: to reliably provide the best tasting tree fruit and grapes with consistent flavor every time.

Our Commitment

HMC has spent generations adapting our growing and handling practices to reliably provide the simple pleasure of great tasting fruit. This is more than just a business to us. Our actions are measured in ways that ensure we are protecting the environment for our past, present, and future generations and the community we live in. Sustainability is more than just protecting the land, it’s a way of life. To ensure that we protect our most valued assets, the air, the land, and the water, HMC utilizes cutting edge ideas and technology. These resources have made us better stewards of the land today than we were two generations ago and will be two generations from now.

Our Facilities

HMC’s commitment to great tasting fruit can only be assured with the complete control that is needed to properly handle the fruit after harvest. Our packing facilities are located within minutes of our orchards and vineyards. These food handling facilities employ the best practices and are equipped with leading technology to efficiently deliver the highest quality product. HMC is continually striving to improve our farms and facilities. It is our never satisfied attitude that allows us to deliver on our promise of great tasting fruit.

Our Fields

HMC is committed to the best growing regions in the world which provide the best tasting peaches, plums, nectarines and table grapes. Our farms are located in both the heart of California’s great Central Valley and its counterpart located in Chile. These ranches have been selected through the generations for having the right soil, water and climate to grow these items. We have searched the world for the best varieties suited to the land, that will provide the right eating experience from the beginning of our seasons to the end.