HMC News – May 2023

The wait is over. Harvest has begun for tree fruit in peaches, white peaches, nectarines, white nectarines, and organic peaches this month. The fruit looks good and is brixing well with great color and flavor for the first of the season. This will only continue to improve with time. With temperatures in the 90’s, the fruit will continue to mature in a timely fashion. Peak season fruit in both flavor and volume is right around the corner. By the week of June 5th, we will have promotable volumes available on all commodities except plums and plumcots. We are also training the juvenile trees and will complete trellis installation soon.

Shoot thinning in the table grapes is complete and grape bloom is finished.  It was one of the most accelerated blooms in recent memory. We are currently waiting for bunches to fully shatter out, which will give us a better idea of the shape of the bunch in the fall. The berries on the lead bunches have already begun to size up. Leafing is wrapping up this month, and we have begun hanging bunches. This is the process of untangling bunches from canes, leaves, or other bunches to ensure they are hanging freely and that the berries have adequate room to grow.

Today HMC Farms is welcoming back Tevel. This will be the second consecutive year in our orchards for the Israeli ag tech company. While here, Tevel will continue to fine tune their flying autonomous robots for mechanical harvesting. Being immersed in harvest and our fields throughout the summer is a key component to fine tuning the software for farm and commodity specific tasks such as detaching the fruit correctly from the limb, variety by variety variations in color and density, specific release protocols, and more. These robots will eventually allow us to optimize our harvest by giving us the ability to pick fruit on afternoons with high heat, at night, or other windows of time that are currently unavailable. Our high-density planting system makes HMC Farms an ideal partner in this endeavor.


Noticias del HMC - 19 de junio de 2019

Ya están disponibles las uvas para champán Bunchkins de HMC. También conocidas como Grosellas de Zante o uvas negras de Corinto,
estas uvas naturalmente pequeñas son populares entre los consumidores. Las bayas de piel fina se pueden consumir individualmente o como
racimo entero. Los racimos son dulces, delicados y tienen una estrecha ventana de disponibilidad. Póngase en contacto con su vendedor de HMC para obtener más información.

Actualización de los cultivos:

La cosecha de melocotones y nectarinas de HMC Farms sigue en marcha. La cosecha de ciruelas ha aumentado para incluir tanto ciruelas rojas como negras. Faltan unas semanas para la cosecha de uva de mesa. Los días calurosos y soleados llenan la previsión, con un ligero descenso de la temperatura al final de esta semana antes de volver a subir a los altos 90s.