Secretary of the Interior Meets with California Farmers

A few growers were recently invited to meet with Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland to explain our position on California water. Fresno County is the number one agricultural county in the United States. We live in a very unique environment that allows us to feed not only a great part of the nation, but also the world.

Governor Newsom just introduced a plan that will prioritize any and all available water, and agriculture is at the bottom of that list. We are concerned about his knowledge of our needs and nervous that this limited resource continues to be divided by increased demand upon less and less water. It is ironic to have to explain to our elected officials the value of food… something which every hungry country already understands.

McClarty Farms has been very diligent in owning and acquiring property in areas of abundant ground water. We have had the rights to this water for over a century. It is often not about availability, but about ownership. We are nervous that we are being legislated by large populations in coastal cities with no knowledge of how food gets onto their table. Permanent crops must be planted years before they are ready to harvest. Water unknowns today are forcing farmers to make decisions that will impact our food supply five years from now. Our obligation is to educate and inform, making people aware of the growing concern we have for our way of life, our own families, and all agriculture-dependent families. We do not want to see bare grocery store shelves or be dependent on imports for our food security. We as farmers have always been innovative and creative, and we will continue to work to solve these challenges. Using available tools, we do everything we can to manage water as efficiently as possible. “Marginal” water-challenged areas are left fallow, while drip irrigation and new technology allows for better water management, determining the perfect quantity for plant needs.

Our job now is to make people understand that we need to share the most important commodity in California… water.

-Harold McClarty

Profesores de la UC Davis visitan las granjas de HMC

Este mes, los profesores de la Universidad de California en Davis se subieron a dos furgonetas y realizaron un viaje por carretera para visitar HMC Farms. La visita formaba parte de una relación continua entre UC Davis y HMC Farms que se remonta a muchos años atrás. Durante el viaje, los profesores pudieron conocer a fondo nuestros productos básicos específicos, las prácticas agrícolas y los problemas a los que nos enfrentamos hoy en día.

Al reunirse con agricultores y otros empleados que trabajan activamente en la materia que se enseña en la UC Davis, los profesores tuvieron la oportunidad de hacer preguntas y adquirir conocimientos desde una perspectiva diferente fuera del aula. A su vez, el equipo de HMC Farms tuvo la oportunidad de informarse sobre los proyectos de investigación y los estudios actuales que se están llevando a cabo en la universidad y que pertenecen a nuestro segmento particular de la agricultura. Como parte de nuestro compromiso sostenido con la educación, esta reunión fue una manera de salvar la brecha entre lo que se enseña en el aula en la UC Davis, y lo que está teniendo lugar todos los días en HMC Farms. Esperamos seguir celebrando reuniones como ésta con regularidad para mantener un diálogo abierto con instituciones como la UC Davis, que están formando a los futuros líderes de nuestra industria.