HMC Farms – Now Accepting Applications Online!

Breaking news! We are now accepting applications online for various jobs under the HMC Farms umbrella. To view and apply for year-round and seasonal jobs, visit the link below. Many of our openings include FREE access to an employer-sponsored healthcare clinic (even for seasonal employees), as well as other benefits!  . ¡Noticias de última hora! Ahora estamos aceptando solicitudes en línea para varios trabajos bajo el paraguas de HMC Farms. Para ver y postularse para trabajos de temporada y durante todo el año, visite el enlace a continuación. ¡Muchas de nuestras vacantes incluyen acceso GRATUITO a una clínica de…

Photo of CFO Sarah McClarty wearing a blue and white checkered shirt in a peach orchard with text that reads: one year later, an open letter from Sarah McClarty at HMC Farms
One Year Later: An open letter from Sarah McClarty

One Year Later: An Open Letter from Sarah McClarty, HMC Farms Twelve months ago, I wrote an open letter to give an update on how HMC Farms was dealing with the pandemic. I was asked to write a follow-up piece once everything “settled back down” in a few weeks, which became a few months… fast forward to a full year removed from that letter, and things are still far from settled. Something people often do not understand is that there is no rest in agriculture. Beyond farming being an all-consuming way of life, there is no pause button. If you…

HMC Farms COVID-19 Vaccinations Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   HMC Farms Delivers COVID-19 Vaccinations to Agriculture Workers    Kingsburg, California – HMC Farms is excited to announce the successful distribution of 450 COVID-19 vaccines to agricultural employees in California’s Central Valley.    HMC Farms recently hosted vaccination clinics which distributed hundreds of COVID-19 vaccines to employees of HMC and several nearby businesses in the ag industry. More vaccinations are on the way as the first recipients near the second dose time frame. HMC Farms is a family owned and operated business, and the McClarty family values their employees as an extension of that family. Sarah…

Man pruning dormant fruit trees with a pole pruner
HMC News – January 2021

Our crews have begun pruning our high density trees, and we are continuing to realize the benefits of our new orchard design. The new design allows our employees to prune the trees without using ladders, which greatly increases worker safety and efficiency. To reach the higher areas of the tree, a pole is attached to electric pruning shears, allowing employees to make the proper cuts with the simple push of a button. We are in the midst of planting cover crops in our orchards and vineyards. Cover crops are planted beneath the trees and vines for the benefit of the…

Feeling Peachy: Activity Sheets for Kids from The Produce Moms

Stone Fruit {Tree Fruit} Feeling peachy? Stone fruit season is in full bloom, and we couldn’t be more excited that our friends at The Produce Moms created some fun peach-themed activity sheets for kids! Original blog on The Produce Moms website What exactly is a stone fruit (also referred to as tree fruit)? It’s a fruit with a large, hard pit or “stone” inside of it. The stone contains the seeds or kernels of the fruit. The stone fruit category includes peaches, nectarines, plums, plumcots, apricots, cherries and more! Let’s take a little closer at the anatomy of a stone…

Free Downloadable Activity Sheets for Kids

With many school districts closed or planning to close across the country, we know lots of parents out there are looking for activities kids can do at home. Check out our HMC Farms Pinterest page with a board dedicated to kids with free downloadable activity sheets and even STEM projects to help keep your kids occupied while they’re home!

HMC Farms: Giving school gardens to Oakland

Article courtesy of Western Growers On a rainy day in late March, Drew and Chelsea (McClarty) Ketelsen of HMC Farms and I made a whirlwind tour around Oakland, CA. The McClartys had donated $10,000 to the Foundation and, after a rigorous application process, Western Growers Foundation awarded several Oakland schools $1,000 each to grow and sustain their fruit and vegetable garden. Why Oakland? “It’s tough all over for children to get their 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables. Drew and I know urban teachers and we have heard their stories. After visiting these schools and talking with the students and…

Why tree fruit is more expensive in May compared to July

Early season varieties like Spring Flame 20 & 21 & Zee fire only yield around 600-750 boxes an acre. Varieties that are harvested in July, like July Flame, Summer Fire and Summer Flame 26, yield around 1,200 boxes an acre. Regardless of variety or timing of harvest, cultural costs are the same. The same[…]

Why is it better to pack plums in a different facility than peaches and nectarines?

HMC Farms made an investment and commitment to plums in 2001 for the same reason that we developed a tree ripe peach and nectarine program over 25 years ago. We believed that the industry was not dedicated to producing a good tasting piece of fruit. As a result the industry’s plum sales fell from 14.6 million boxes in 2002 to an estimated 9 million boxes in 2011. Shippers did not have the patience, finances, or commitment to rehabilitate a commodity which sees seven years elapse between the time a tree is planted and the time a full crop is realized….

Which nutrients are added back into the ground every season?

HMC Farms works closely with our advisors to keep the soil in optimum tree fruit growing condition. During the spring and summer months the trees use the nutrients in the soil as fuel to grow the fruit. Every fall we take samples of the soil to evaluate which nutrients have been depleted. After careful evaluation […]