Buying Fruit Outside of California?

You could be purchasing fruit with higher pesticide residues. Peach growers outside California battle an extremely destructive and difficult to control pest, called Plum Curculio. Infestations of this pest result in wormy fruit and can be controlled only by a strict pest management program consisting of heavy applications of prophylactic pesticide. Sprays for Plum Curculio […]

HMC Farms launches new school resources

HMC Farms is excited to announce the launch of a new school-focused website at, as well as new Facebook and Instagram accounts to support the “Grapes For Schools” page.

U.S. Secretary of Agriculture visits HMC Farms

HMC Farms recently had some very special visitors: United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, and Congressman David Valadao. Secretary Perdue was on a trip visiting different agricultural businesses in California,

HMC wins 3rd place at the Central Valley Pruning Competition!

On January 16, 2019, the Central Valley Farmworker Foundation (CVFF) hosted the first annual Central Valley Pruning Competition. Dozens of farm workers made up the participants of this event, which focused on grape vine pruning. Contestants were judged on the following factors: quality, safety, speed, and knowledge of vineyards. Two employees from HMC Farms made it to the final round of competition, and our very own Jose (pictured far left) won 3rd place in the men’s division! We are proud of Jose, as well as all of the other participants who stepped up to show off their skills in this…

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