FAQ’s & Testimonials

What does HMC stand for?

Harold and Mike’s Company.

What does the EU on our sticker stand for?

EU is the French translation for the United States.  Fruit shipped to Canada is required to have all English words translated to French.  Rather than have two different stickers we have French and English on every PLU.

What do the PLU numbers on the stickers stand for?

The PLU number is the Price Look Up number.  It is the number used at the cash register to identify which type of produce you are purchasing.

Can I buy fruit direct from HMC Farms?

Of course, simply visit our store on the HMC Farms website to see what we are currently offering.

Is your fruit GMO?

No.  Our varieties are developed through selective breeding, not by specific changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques.

Are stickers harmful?

Not at all.

What are the white specks on the peach or nectarine pit?

The white on the pit is called Callus.  These are undifferentiated cells that occur when the pit seperates from the walls.  This is completely normal and in no way harmful.  If you see this white buildup on your pit or the flesh that was connected to the pit please feel free to eat and enjoy.

What are chill hours?

Chill hours are a resting time for the tree during the winter months. Every winter every tree must receive anywhere from 800 to 1000 chill hours. Chill hours are the number of hours 45 degrees and less between November 1st and February 28th.

Do you deplete your soil’s nutrition?

We do not, in fact we do just the opposite. Every year we take samples of the ground to study which nutrients may have been lost, then we add them back into the soil in the early winter months. Minerals added usually include calcium, nitrogen, zinc, iron, magnesium, and boron.

How do we choose varieties?

All varieties are chosen based on three categories. The first and most important is flavor/taste. The second is timing and the third is fruitfulness and sizing. Sometimes varieties are purchased from a nursery and other times we have discovered that a tree has started producing a different piece of fruit which can then be grafted onto a rootstock or underpreforming variety.

What is Grape Escape?

Grape Escape is fresh grapes off the stem, washed and ready to eat. Grape Escape is washed only with water so that all you taste are fresh grapes.

I am waiting patiently for your June Flame peaches to show up at our local store here in Central Florida. Last year it was July before I found those big, plump, ripe and delicious peaches you grow and ship. Soon after that it was Bev’s red, and July Flame. Love them all. I grow up on an orchard in Missouri and I know a good ripe peach when I see one. Thank you for having the best.

– James Lunceford

Just wanted you to know that there are those of us out here in the hinterlands who enjoy your produce, especially the HMC 4042 Plums.  Thanks

– Daniel DuPre

The Black Grapes are the best grapes I have ever tasted. I eat grapes all of the time and so far these are the best. I love black grapes and red ones too. I found the Black Grapes in Gulfport, MS and have bought 6 containers of them. Everyone who tastes them says the same thing.

– Sandra Mitchell

Just tasted the red plums that I bought yesterday. They were reasonably priced, firm, great looking and delicious. Thank you.

– Jesse Burdette

Peaches are marvelous.  Have never had better

– Pat Quinn

Where is your farm located? I bought some nectarines with your farms logo on them, and they were excellent. Thanks for any feedback.

– Tom Gniazdowski