• How does your garden grow?

    At HMC Farms we have found that if kids grow it, they’ll eat it.  Learn more about our efforts to bring a garden into every school and fresh fruits and vegetables into every child’s life.

    How it all started…

    School Gardens
  • Proud supporters of the California Food Bank

    Every year, in an effort to abate hunger, we donate more than 300,000 pounds of peaches, nectarines, and plums to the Fresno Food Bank, and more than 400,000 pounds to the Farm to Family program.

    Farm to Family…

    Farm to Family
  • Generations of Family Farming

    The secret to a perfect peach has been perfected and passed down from generation to generation. Since 1887 we have worked our land to grow the best tasting fruit every summer.

    How it all started…

    Family Farming
  • At HMC Farms we ripen fruit the old fashioned way, we leave it on the tree.

    Learn about all of the different fruits HMC Farms has to offer.

    Explore our Fruit!

    Our Fruit
  • Have you ever wondered…

    How we choose our peach, plum nectarine and grape varieties? Check out our FAQ section to find out the answer to this question and many more.

    Learn More!

    HMC Farms grapes
  • Harold and Mike became partners in produce in 1986

    Learn more about the history of HMC Farms and the people who made everything possible.

    Family Farming…


Meet our Farmers!

It takes 365 days of constant care to grow the best tasting fruit. Learn more about the folks that make it all happen.

Meet the Farmers!

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There are so many ways to enjoy HMC Farms fruit! Check out a few of our favorite recipes on our Pinterest page!

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